Competent yet intimate

From appreciation to creating value

achtung! combines the professional expertise of a communications agency with the intimacy and friendliness of a family-managed company. Our long-term development and the answer to where we would like to be in ten years’ time are more important to us than short-term success and quarterly figures. This is why customer and staff satisfaction are our top priorities. You deserve our commitment and loyalty.

Appreciation is at the heart of achtung! culture. At achtung! we show this appreciation to each other and to our clients. And it is apparent in our interest in a long-lasting relationship, in learning together from past campaigns and in constantly raising the bar.

Appreciation means being taken seriously and being respected, being allowed to participate and help shape projects, being asked for your opinion and not just being another employee or customer in the crowd. Our clients can see we appreciate our staff because of the love they lavish on their work. Staff members also demonstrate loyalty and a vast depth of ideas as well as producing efficient, successful communication, of course.

The value of collective knowledge

We do not calculate in headcounts or FTEs, rather we make sure that our staff like working for achtung! and want to stay. We understand the value of their collective knowledge and experience. These are prerequisites for effective and efficient communication. Moreover, our staff is the most important corporate value for achtung! to continue developing – these are not just empty words. Quite the contrary. The people at achtung! actually live this fundamental and collaborative role.

achtung! – a reliable partner

This special atmosphere is possible because achtung! is owner-managed. Our business is not determined by short-term returns on investment but rather on the premise of sustainable business development. This is only possible if we ensure that our clients achieve their goals for the long term and permanently. We see ourselves as a reliable partner for our clients, helping them to achieve their business objectives.

This is the basis of our motto: The closer we are to our clients, the further we can take them.

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